Casa Sevilla restaurant

Casa Sevilla is a restaurant with traditional and home made Catalan and Spanish cuisine specializing in fresh seasonal products, vegetables, fish and seafood mainly.

They are the only ones that cook with fresh vegetables

every day!

Lunch, dinner, have a drink … They love and care for you as a another member of the family. They prepare their dishes with maximum care to make you feel at ease, because you’re at home. And also they procure for your economy because prices are also like eating at home.

Home made cook… or even better!

In Casa Sevilla enjoy a family cuisine with an artistic touch, while you also enjoy a magnificent exhibition of pieces of art that decorates their living room thanks to a guest gallery.
They work annually with more than 400 recipes. You’ll want, but you won’t be able to repeat, or maybe yes?

Casa Sevilla, your home made restaurant in Sitges!

the best of Sitges in your hands